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Dear New Marketer,

Do your eyes glaze over when people start tossing around terms like “CPA” or “PPC” or “ROI”?  Do you skim over or skip articles because they sound like they were written by an accountant giving a year end report?

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “That’s too complex for me. I’ll look into it later,” then you’re making the exact same mistake I made, back when I was first starting out my internet marketing career.

How do I know it’s a mistake for you too?

Because you can’t decide something won’t work for you until you know exactly:

 What it is

 How it Works

 Whether or not it’s going to be up your alley – or something that will bore you to tears

paperbook-med.jpgYou see, you’ve got to taste pistachio ice cream, before you can decide whether you actually love – or hate – it.

You can’t say you’re “no good at fishing”, when you’ve never even held a rod in your life.

You need to know before you make a decision...

And let’s just face it… Your eyes will probably glaze over even more if I start talking about “cost per acquisition” and rattling off comparisons with “cost per action”.

But stick with me for a minute or two, because....

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Release Date2009
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Newbies Guide to CPA Ebook Master Resell Rights Ebook