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Jump start Your Business Within A Fortnight With Twitter Marketing!

"Do You Wish To Popularize Your Business Cost Effectively? Ever Considered Using Social Networking Platforms To Share Information About Your Products? How About Finding Out Your Popularity Quotient From Your Target Market?"

Leverage on social media marketing tactics, give a massive boost to your website traffic and increase your ROI!

RE: Using and Dealing with Twitter

Did your marketing team tell you that SEM could give your business the necessary leverage? But, with the ensuing cash crunch, you are hardly able to keep your business afloat, leave alone spending more on search engine marketing? What if you could market your products while socializing with friends? Ever considered widening your network of friends, informing them about your products and getting feedback? It’s high time you use TWITTER to promote your business and maximize your revenues!

Showcase Yourself To The 200 Million Twitter Users And Boost Your Brand Image

Did you know that there was a 280% increase in the number of tweets per day (TPD) between March 2010 and February 2011? The average TPD in March 2010 was 50 million, while that in February 2011 was a whopping 140 million! Furthermore, the number of tweets sent out on March 11, 2011 was 177 million! Approximately 1 billion tweets are posted every week. In fact, there was a gap of only 3 years and 61 days between the first and the billionth tweet. This clearly proves the huge popularity of Twitter and the potential it holds in advertising your business. However, knowing the important features of the platform and some crucial tricks of the trade can help you optimize your marketing endeavor.

  • Get in touch with your target market, discuss their experiences and participate in industry conversations

  • Gain and insight into what your competitors are doing, monitor their performance, learn a tip or two and do better than them

  • Monitor whatever is being said about your brand in real time and manage your reputation

  • Obtain feedback from users, address the issues, improve your product quality, re-launch it and see its popularity soar

  • Set up feeds to upload your blog posts on Twitter directly and advertise your blog content

  • Announce your offline endeavors and online events, promote new deals, and increase traffic to your website

  • Launch a new product page, quickly tweet it with the URL, drive traffic to the preferred web page and coax conversions

  • Grow your profile, improve the quality of your web pages and widen your readership

  • Follow more people, increase your network of friends, boost your brand awareness while simply conversing with your acquaintances

  • Post your queries, conduct a straw poll, get public opinion and possible clarification of the problems

  • Use Twitter as a listening and communication tool and see yourself become an online sensation


Read Using and Dealing with Twitter and Enjoy the Sweet Taste of SUCCESS

Are you not convinced that Twitter can offer you the necessary leverage in your business sphere, quickly? Take a look at what a Canadian Public Relation firm, B-Co Communications, had to say about the power of Twitter:

“…thanks to the power of Twitter, b*co [B-Co Communications] appeared in the Globe & Mail this week! Matt Hartley at the Globe put out a question on Twitter, asking if anyone knew any small businesses that were focused on the Olympics, and if there were any interesting stories…I contacted Matt right away, telling him I thought b*co had a pretty good story. And apparently he agreed!”

It’s time you learn how to use the 140 characters to develop brand awareness.

Get to know about the top Twitter apps – TweetDeck, Twiterrific, TwitterFox, Tweetie, TwitterFon – and access the platform conveniently.

Learn about the different Twitter Analytics tool – twInfluence, tweetVolume, Twitter Grader, TweetStats, Twist – and track the latest trends on Twitter.

Discover some industry best practices and display your products to a wide range of audience.

Leave your days of entrusting your marketing endeavors on ‘so-called’ professionals. Take promotional initiatives in your own hands and become a role model.

Learn about the rules designed for spammers and techniques of keeping them away.

Sit back and see your dream take wings within a matter of weeks.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
If you are not 100% pleased with this course or if it is not everything that I promised, you can simply let me know and I will refund all of your money, no questions ask. You have 60 full days to test this product out risk free! Yes, by offering you this iron clad guarantee, I take all the risk and you have nothing to lose.


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Using And Dealing With Twitter